Vasilas Steel Mfg Co is installed in two plants in Liti and Kavalari of Thessalonica, in northern Greece. In those plants of 17000sq/m in sum are installed modern and up to date technology’s production lines with full capacity in steel structuring, even to extreme profiles. There are also installations of complex structural design with ability of manufacturing cross section of “double T” profile, which has numerous applications in the steel buildings.
There are also exists two installations of light gauge steel production in order to form “Z” structured thin walled parts with thickness of up to 3mm.

The painting of the structures is in compliance with the international standards of steel protecting; therefore a complete line of painting is installed at the Kavalari plant. The painting procedure is in conformance with the international standards in sandblasting, priming and coloring of the parts.

Vasilas Steel Mfg Co is also servicing the erection and assembly needs of the buildings with it’s own expertise employees in on-site workshops with excellent technical and machinery support from the firm.

The capability of manufacturing our own cross sections profiles is giving an extra advance over the competition, regarding the spectrum of choices for the manufacture of composite structures, thus means a steel frame, which is in combination with concrete slabs. This new capability, effecting to flexibility for a number of choices compared to the classic concrete structures.

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