Vasilas Steel Manufacturing Company operates in the steel manufacturing industry since 1980, designing, manufacturing and erecting specialized steel buildings.

Vasilas Steel Mfg Co is an awarded and successful company. Its experience, which gained through the great volume of manufactured steel buildings, is appoint it as one of the top Greek construction companies.

The proof is its clients, and some of them are between the best Greek companies, which continuing the collaboration with Vasilas all these years. This is not accidental but an outcome after a combination of factors, which very few competitors are possessing.

  • Expert scientific personnel, which award to Vasilas the ability to suggest solutions even to the most difficult construction issues arisen in each building or steel construction generally.
  • Adaptation to the architectural needs. Vasilas is collaborates with architecture firms in order to fulfill their client’s needs in every aspect of a construction.
  • In contrast with the very big and unwieldy general constructing companies, domestic or multinational, Vasilas have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client and even to serve changes of the construction in the final phase of erection.
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